PADI IDC Revision – RDP

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PADI IDC revision – RDP

PADI IDC Revision - RDPNearly every single PADI RDP exam has two equal sections.  The first half is to do with the background and structure of the RDP, and the second half has the familiar Dive Table type questions.
Currently, you can answer every single question using the eRDPml or the RDP table if you want. Although of course you can’t answer multilevel questions using the table!
But it’s so important that you revise both the structure of the RDP as well as how to use it. I hope that this section will help you!


Compartments, Half Times and M Values

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to understand these subjects in too much depth. I know that the mere suggestion of these topics cause shivers down people’s spines; but that mainly comes from the old DM knowledge review questions. Fortunately these questions aren’t around any more! I’ve done some research.. and I can’t find any questions anywhere that are harder than these! So these days your PADI  IDC Revision – RDP is easier than ever!
Take a look at this video, it will give you a good idea of the types of questions that you’ll be asked.

How did you get on with your PADI IDC Revision – RDP? Compartments Half Times and M Values?

Can you answer these questions?

Because the human body absorbs and releases nitrogen at different rates, decompression models use theoretical ……………………..?


The speed that compartments absorb or release nitrogen in called?

Half Times

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PADI IDC Revision – RDP Special Rules and Background and Design

This Video will help you answer questions similar to:

How many hours will you need to wait before flying?   or What is your minimum surface interval if you find yourself in pressure group WX, Y or Z ?

Also question like..  How many compartments are used in the design of the PADI RDP? What is the half time of the washout tissue in the RDP?

Now let’s look at some questions..

What is the minimum surface interval if you find yourself in pressure group WX, Y or Z

Pressure Group W or X = 1 hour

Pressure Group Y or X = 3 hours

How many compartments are used in the design of the PADI RDP?

14 Compartments

What are the benefits of the RDP having a faster “gas washout” tissue than other dive tables?

There are two benefits:   One is shorter surface intervals, and the Second is longer repetitive dives.

What is the Flying after diving recommendation for repetitive diving within the no decompression limits?  

A minimum preflight surface interval of greater than 18 hours is suggested

What is the half time of the washout tissue used in the surface interval credit table for the RDP?

a 60 min half time is used for the RDP washout tissue

Are the pressure group designations on the RDP interchangeable with other dive tables?  

No they are not interchangeable with other dive tables. 

I hope that you enjoyed the PADI IDC Revision – RDP. The questions that you found on this page are very common questions used on most PADI exams.
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