Power of Words

Power of Words

Learn what makes the difference

 What is the Power of Words course?

Power of Words, in a nutshell is understanding that how you speak to people has a huge effect on their behaviour. We are all aware that if we are asked politely to do something, we are more likely to comply than if we are ordered do it, or else!  Why?  Because, how we are asked affects our attitude and our feeling towards it.  How PADI Instructors speak to their student divers has a massive effect on the way that they learn.  It’s not just a case of being polite, but how to create the right attitude, the right feeling within the learner.

There’s masses of media out there, telling you what you should and shouldn’t say. The Power of Words course is different because it will show you HOW to do it. 

People learn in different ways.  During this course you’ll learn what those ways are and how to recognise them in your student divers. The Power of Words will show you how you can teach people using their individual learning style regardless of how many people you have in your class, and regardless of how they differ in their learning styles. After the Power of Words course, you will be able to “Teach People” instead of just teaching courses. 

Platinum PADI Course Director Steve Prior’s passion is psychology in teaching. He is just as passionate about sharing his knowledge so that PADI Instructors can vastly improve the way that they teach.  This is probably one of the major things that sets him apart from others in his field. This course is a result of his years of teaching, observation and learning. The secret’s of his success.

Of course, some of the Power of Words is incorporated into his PADI IDCs and that’s why so many PADI Instructors that he teaches are so successful, so quickly.

How much is the Power of Word course and how do I book?

Power of Words

Find out how people learn


The Power of Words one day course in the UK is £125 .

Half of the day is spent in the classroom, and then we spend a couple of hours in the swimming pool fine-tuning some of the techniques.

If you do this course, your teaching and enthusiasm will improve massively and your future students will be so thankful!

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