Your PADI IE: What can you expect?


This could be your PADI IE!

Your PADI IE will be a lot of fun!  Oh, I know that right now you probably don’t believe that. But Diving IS FUN – right?
Then it stands to reason that teaching diving is FUN – right?  Then it doesn’t make sense for your PADI Instructor Exam to be anything else but FUN! Take a look here to see what you can expect to find on your PADI IE.
By the time that you get to your PADI ID,  you’ll be very well prepared, and you’ll do nothing with the Examiner that you will have done countless times with me before.



Here is a video of what to expect on your PADI IE



 Your PADI IE will be divided into 4 distinct areas.


Your PADI IE – written exams



Your PADI IE Written exams

This is the area that causes most stress.  But that doesn’t really make sense! WHY ?  because this is the one area of your PADI IE that you already know about! If you’re already a PADI Divemaster, or you’re studying for your PADI DM course, you’ll already know a lot about Dive theory.  It’s the one area that you can start to prepare for right now! On your PADI IE, you’ll be asked questions about both theory and PADI Standards.
My Distance Learning program has been devised to make your journey fun, easy and manageable. You’ll be able to see yourself improve in the weeks and months leading up to your PADI IE.



 Your PADI IE – Knowledge Development Presentations

Your PADI IE - Knowledge Development

Your PADI IE – Knowledge Development

This is easy!  this is where you “chat” to your students to explain why they got a question wrong with their Knowledge Review.  The examiner is not interested in your knowledge of the subject, but wants to see if you can use the psychological tricks that will help your student understand and remember the information. During the PADI Instructor Exam, you’ll be talking for about 5 mins to show your Examiner that you’re capable of doing this.
During your PADI IDC, you’ll learn lots of ways to teach in the classroom, and we’ll spend ages discussing why this is so important for your future students. You’ll see that the whole process is perfectly natural, and that you will be relaxed the whole time.



Your PADI IE – Confined Water teaching.

Your PADI IE Confined Water

Your PADI IE – Confined Water

During your PADI IE, you’ll have to teach one skill in confined water. You’ll have to brief the skill, demonstrate, correct any problems that your student might have, control your class and then debrief the skill.
All of this will be taught via Role-Play during your PADI IDC.  It’s a lot of fun, and fully prepares you for your PADI IE.
On Your PADI IE, you’ll also have to demonstrate a PADI Skill circuit of 5 skills.






Your PADI IE – Open Water Teaching

Your PADI IE Open Water presentations

Your PADI IE, Open Water Presentation

You’ll have to teach 2 Open Water skills during your PADI IE. It’s a very similar format to teaching in confined water. In addition you’ll have to demonstrate Rescue Exercise 7 from the PADI rescue diver course. (Unresponsive diver at the surface) All of this you will learn during your PADI IDC.