Don't teach Courses - Teach People!
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About Steve Prior

About Steve Prior.
Steve has vast experience of teaching courses on communication, motivation and confidence building. During your PADI Instructor Development Course you’ll learn the very latest practices that modern corporations develop. People often tell me that they use these techniques in other areas of their lives.
Choosing your PADI IDC is a massive decision. You will want to be a great instructor and want to learn in a fun but challenging environment. You only become a PADI Instructor once in your life so make sure your PADI IDC experience is memorable for all of the right reasons.

His passion is psychology, and particularly in how people learn. This is what makes Steve unique. He follows his motto of “Don’t teach courses – teach People!” in every area of his work. With this in mind, you’ll find that Steve’s methods are not always the same as some others in the Dive Industry. He is adamant that people learn using their own learning style and that they have fun,


I’m still buzzing from the whole IDC/IE experience. It really was a life changing experience – I learnt things about myself, as well as how to go about teaching people.” Keith, Sheffield

Do you want your scuba classes to be full of fun and excitement?

Do you want your student divers to learn quickly, and “get it right” first time?

Do you want your students to retain the information you teach?

Find out how to generate the buzz of synergy in your classes.

Do you want to gain more self confidence?

padi AwardSteve has been a PADI Course Director for over 14 years. He has been awarded the coveted PADI Platinum Course Director status every year apart from one since it started (2005) and has taught over 5400 PADI certifications.

His PADI IDC candidates have gone on to live fabulous lives in all corners of the planet.

Over 45 per cent of them have come back to progress to PADI IDC Staff Instructor level.

They stay in touch, Steve is always on hand to answer any questions.

The last two weeks will live in my memory for a very, very long time. I have had the good fortune in my working life of spending time with many of the most famous trainers/educators/consultants (whose books you have probably read) but you leave them all in the shade! It truly has been a privilege. You have inspired me to be the best insrtructor I can be. So once again, thank you” Tom, London

Don’t teach courses – Teach people! Just ALLOW them to learn!

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“The best course of my Life! Absolutely, a very talented course director. Steve delivered more than a PADI IDC, he delivered a roadmap for success” – Ed, Kuwait





DECEMBER 2018 Rutland UK

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FEBRUARY 2019 Reef Oasis Egypt

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Fully prepare yourself for your course with a DISTANCE LEARNING preparation course


More facts about your IDC, and why you should choose us as your mentors.

A great lifestyle

+ You want to change your life!

+ You’re passionate about Scuba Diving

+ You love helping other people to reach their dreams

+ You want to further your own diving level

+ You’re looking for something challenging – but fun!




enjoy your PADI IDC

+ You want to learn more about diving and how to teach others

+ You’re interested in the psychology of how different people learn

+ You want a more meaningful life, helping others.

+ You care about the quality of your PADI IDC

We all know that Diving is Fun!! So, learning to become a PADI Instructor should also be Fun!

Your PADI IDC will be fun!

It’s so important that you are well prepared and relaxed for your PADI IDC Instructor course. The word “Stress”  and “Learning” cannot possibly go together.

When you are relaxed, laughing and comfortable, you, will learn lots about teaching others to dive.
You, and the team that you’ll be working with, will develop different ways of passing information and skills over to others.

You’ll learn how to:
+ Build rapport with your future students
+ Create confidence in others
+ Teach everybody, regardless of their individual learning style
+ Allow students to learn in their own way – usually while being neutrally buoyant
+ You’ll learn to “Teach People – and NOT Courses!”

Not only that, you’ll learn how You’ll all become very effective and efficient PADI Instructors.

Others like you (several hundred in fact!) have been taught by me to become PADI Instructors. They are now around the world changing other peoples lives! They are putting into practice what they learned during their PADI IDC with me. I am still in contact with most of them, giving advice and tips.

As soon as you decide on WHEN and WHERE you’ll do your  PADI IDC Instructor development course, the FUN can start.
I’ll help you every step of the way, so Contact me, I’ll answer all of your questions and we can get started. I’ll help you in your IDC preparation, and help you decide where you will take your course.


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