“You had me bursting with pride and the occasional tear watching you develop as instructors throughout this IDC and IE. “  – Tom, Master Instructor, Scotland

The PADI IE was its usual roller-coaster of emotions.  Each segment of the exam started with nervous trepidation and ended in handshakes, back-slaps and fist pumps.

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As another PADI Instructor Exam ends, there are many thanks to be given. The candidates are thanking the staff for all their support.  The staff are thanking the candidates for their enthusiasm and sense of fun.

Their Course Director, Steve is thanking them all for travelling so far to take part in this course.  We had a people travel from as far away as Canada and Zanzibar and five countries in between. Everyone came together to make an exceptional concoction.

Lastly, our thanks to all at Reef Oasis Dive Club for the smooth running of the IDC and IE. And special thanks to Michael for keeping the pool open!

Tony, one of the newly qualified PADI Instructors said, “What a fantastic experience it’s been. A massive thank you to both Janet and you Steve for everything you done for Katie and I. Your teaching style and methods are the way forward and we will work hard to promote and encourage this “let them learn” style of teaching. We’ve been very privileged to meet a brilliant group of people, IDC candidates, Staff Instructors from all walks of life and across the globe, whom we have now become great friends with, and we hope to dive with once again in the near future.”

Tom, a PADI Master Instructor was accompanying two candidates, Laura and Fiona from Deep Blue Scuba in Edinburgh.  He felt justifiably extra proud of them, having seen them progress through the ranks at his local dive club.  The girls will be telling everyone about their PADI Instructor adventures at the next club night.




Steve, a Master Instructor from Donkey Divers in Guernsey also had a little extra interest in Marc’s development during the course.  Marc has been diving with Donkey Divers for a while and Steve is keen for him to join the instructional team.



Tom gives Fiona her Instructor certificate

That’s My Girl

so proud of the candidates

So Proud

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