What will you do that’s different?

Change is coming whether you like it or not! So let’s take advantage and spice things up!

Redundancies, lower incomes and a huge recession. All just around the corner.
If you aren’t prepared to change as we come out of lockdown, then you’re in for a tough time.
If you make the right decisions and promote adventure, you can live the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

Some common changes that won’t work!

+ Cutting the price of your courses

Can you honestly imagine lower prices tempting people right now?

+ Wishing and hoping that things will get better

Dwelling on how unfair life is only drains your energy.

+ Doing what you have always done

Right now, we must change. We have no choice. So let’s make that change a big positive.
After all, we’ve always known that it’s madness to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.
Let’s make life exciting!

Experts in marketing tell us to “identify your target market”

It’s insensitive and pointless to aim at people who are losing their jobs, struggling to pay bills and feeding their families. Marketing to these people would be hurtful as well as unsuccessful. They need to wait a while for more stability in their lives.


+ 16 pct. of people feel better off financially

Research by Consumer Intelligence suggests that many people have benefitted financially from the lockdown. For instance, commuting and entertaining costs have diminished resulting in greater savings.

+ Bank of England confirms large savings

In April, a staggering £5 billion pounds was cleared from credit/debit card debt. A record amount by far.
The Bank of England figures  also show that the UK population saved £16.2 billion in April.

So who are our “Target Audience” then?

+ People who have worked from home

Workers earning a salary but not able to spend any money.
They’re all suffering from “cabin fever” and desperate for a break

+ Some Key Workers

Some have worked every day, clocking up heaps of overtime.
They badly need a break

We have already seen evidence of frustrated spenders forming long queues at shops, and criticising current UK quarantine laws.
As things improve, it seems there’ll be a massive demand for leisure activities and holidays.

Where do you as a Diving professional come in? 

Whatever happens, these people will find a holiday somewhere, they’re going to do this anyway.
It’s up to you whether you help them or not. It’s your choice.

They need a solution. A complete solution. In other words, there is no point in trying to get them to sign up for one of your usual Open Water courses. That is not what they’re looking for.

They need a break. A break where it’s their turn to be pampered. Above all where someone else is taking the strain and allowing them to recover.
They need a complete solution on a plate.

What is this solution?

You lead a one week “learn to dive” Adventure, in a wonderful resort. The newbie divers will rely on you to give them guidance and support as they learn to scuba dive.
Choose a location where there is pool and open water on hand. Also with a fun atmosphere during the evenings. In other words, a complete experience. You’ll be their mentor, instructor and a reliable guide to the magic that we all know is under the sea.

Your new customers can build excitement beforehand by preparing online. That way, they can get to know you and each other via Zoom chats. Lockdown has encouraged online learning and online communication. Perfect for scuba knowledge development. This also means that your customers can come from far and wide. No need to simply advertise in your local area.