Bags of fun becoming Emergency First Response Instructors

Bags of Fun

Congratulations to Grant, Adam and Justin who qualified as Emergency First Response Instructors today.

Grant and Adam are father and son.  They are currently nearing the completion of their PADI Divemaster course with Bob Smith at Scuba Anyone.  Adam is wasting no time at all as he plans to teach some of his friends the ERF course before they head off to uni.  Once he has had a taste of teaching, I’m sure it will be no time at all until we see him again for his PADI IDC.

Justin is already a qualified PADI Scuba Instructor who is getting back into teaching status after a break from the role to concentrate on other things.  He totally enjoyed the course and has his sights on PADI IDC Staff instructor in the not too distant future.

During the Emergency First Response Instructors training Grant, Adam and Justin refreshed and updated  their existing EFR knowledge and skills.  Steve explained how the extensive EFR materials can be used to teach people with different learning styles. There were discussions about being open-minded when teaching and testing knowledge during EFR courses. The day was also full of tips and tricks on how to make EFR courses dynamic and energetic.

Adam, Justin and Grant had a great time learning how to become Emergency First Response Instructors.  Grant commented, “Before the course, I’d heard a lot about Steve Prior form other people who had done Emergency First Response Instructors courses with him.  What a great instructor he is, etc. But now I am in the room doing the Emergency First Response Instructors course, I know what they mean.”

The one day course was taught by Emergency First Response Instructors Trainer Steve Prior and was also attended by Bob Smith, who is  a  already a qualified Emergency First Response Instructor, PADI Master Instructor and the founder of Scuba Anyone.

Emergency First Response Instructors Training – Multi-level Training

Bob was closely studying Steve’s Emergency First Response Instructor training delivery method.

Bob said, “I have recently attended a few of Steve’s courses.  A PADI  IDC, a PADI Staff Instructor Course and now the Emergency First Response Instructors training course. I am always ready to learn something new and I really enjoy Steve’s method.  He is a great instructor.”

Platinum PADI Course Director Steve Prior absolutely relishes multilevel training.  He encourages it wherever possible during his diving courses.  “It is wonderful to have other instructors sitting in on the courses.  We are always coming up with new ideas, it’s great to share the ideas, get them out there in the field and then listen to the cracking results people have had by trying new things.” Steve enthused.

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