“Just want to say Just Scuba’s first PADI IDC Cyprus is going amazing! Such a top course and all should enrol! Steve Prior is something else, an inspiration. A true PADI role model with amazing Prior Knowledge! Please enrol in the next PADI IDC Cyprus at the end of the year. You don’t know what your missing! It’s sooo much fun and an amazing course!! Why not give it a try?!

 – That’s according to Jody, who is currently taking his PADI IDC Staff Instructor course with Steve Prior at Just Scuba.

Shallow water great for learning


PADI IDC Cyprus such a wonderful location

If you take Jody’s advice, you will spend many days diving in the shallow waters of DeCosta Bay. You will be concentrating on allowing students to learn as they practice new skills.  All of our candidates and staff are very refreshed with the new learning approach. The common feeling is that they are not doing a PADI IDC Cyprus! Instead they are having a chilled out time diving. At the same time learning lots about how to make their future courses fun exciting and successful.

If you want to find out more about my PADI IDCs, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Just Scuba welcome Steve Prior to their first PADI IDC Cyprus

The welcome is always warm here at Just Scuba.  Customers and staff are always made to feel special.  This is a typical Just Scuba welcome for their Platinum PADI Course Director Steve Prior as he arrives to teach their first PADI IDC Cyprus.

Happy Staff at Just Scuba Cyprus

Just Scuba Welcome Steve Prior

Steve reviews PADI Media ahead of PADI IDC Cyprus

PADI Media Review

Preparation for PADI IDC Cyprus

To get people relaxed right from the start of the PADI IDC Cyprus, we review all of the latest PADI media.  PADI have made a massive effort to use the latest technology when people are learning to dive.  New PADI Instructors have to be up-to-speed with all of these methods of learning.  Sometimes, the first glimpse of these new materials is during our PADI IDC Cyprus Preparation Course.  Candidates can then go into their PADI IDC Cyprus with confidence, knowing all the very latest methods.

More new ideas at the PADI IDC Cyprus

Being a great PADI Instructor is about how you treat your customers. This is not a new concept and it’s something that Just Scuba owner Peter is very keen to impart to his Divemasters in training and new Instructors.

New Instructors often just copy the practices of other Instructors. That’s not always the best thing to do. Even seasoned Instructors like Jody, pick up new ideas during the PADI IDC Cyprus.

PADI IDC Cyprus Knowledge Development

Learning is FUN