PADI Instructor Exam questions

PADI Instructor Exam questions

Are you looking for PADI Instructor Exam questions? PADI Instructor Exam questions
Whether you are taking your PADI Divemaster course or are preparing for your PADI Instructor Development Course you’ll want to make sure that you are fully prepared for your Course. Visit the following links below to find sample questions and videos to help you with subjects below.

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If you want to receive 8 Complete PADI IDC mock exams (Dive Standards and Dive Theory)
You can purchase them and other revision documents from
IDC Guide Exam Revision

 “I have had the good fortune in my working life of spending time with many of the most famous trainers/educators/consultants (whose books you have proably read) but you leave them all in the shade!” – Tom, London

Click here for PADI Instructor Exam questions on Physics:

Click here for PADI Instructor Exam questions on Physiology :

Click here for PADI Instructor Exam questions on RDP


Click here for PADI Instructor Exam questions on Skills and the Environment

Skills and the environment

Click here for PADI Instructor Exam questions on Equipment

Preparation for your PADI IDC is vital!

As a platinum PADI Course Director, I am passionate that every single IDC Candidate is as prepared as they can be for their PADI IDC.
The whole idea of an Instructor Development Course is to prepare people to teach in the real world. The structure of the IDC is designed to give you the best start to life. It is jam packed with psychology, and jam packed with wonderful tips on how you can have lots of fun while teaching new people to enjoy this wonderful world of ours.
Please contact me for details of PADI IDCs that I’ll be running shortly.

Distance Learning Preparation course

To really make sure that you’re fully prepared for your PADI IDC, why not contact me for details about my Distance Learning Preparation Course? I’ll work with you (via email) right up to your PADI IDC making sure that you’re fully up to speed with both Theory and the very latest PADI Standards.

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