EFR Instructor Course

“I can’t tell you how much I’m buzzing from the EFR Instructor course. I now have NO doubts what so ever about me being able to teach people” – Darren, London


EFR instructor Course

Learning how to teach others to save lives

You’ll be amazed right from the start of your EFR Instructor course. You’ll get to see how you can use psychology to make your First Aid and CPR courses fun, interactive and current. It involves a lot of laughter!

Even if you’re already a qualified First Aid Instructor, you will learn techniques to help different people that learn in different ways. You can be sure that your future First Aid courses will be vibrant and entertaining.

You will also be brought right up to date with the very latest First Aid procedures and techniques and you’ll be shown how you can easily pass this knowledge onto others.

If you’re heading for your PADI Instructor Development Course, then this is a great introduction to the methods that all of the world’s best instructors use. It doesn’t really matter what you are teaching, you’ll need to use different teaching methods to allow all people to learn.

How much does the EFR Instructor course cost?
EFR instructor

the confidence to teach!

If you do the EFR instructor course in the UK, then the Price is £339 which  includes an Instructor Start-Up Pack of: Instructor Manuals for Primary and Secondary, Care for Children and the new CPR/AED course. 3 consumer manuals, 3 DVD’s, a Care at a Glance Card, some bandages, 3 versions of consumer exams and a Red Carry Bag.     In addition, you’ll have to pay EFR application fee.

Give me a call if you need more details.

Are you an EFR instructor Already?

Then why not come along and brush up your teaching skills? The cost for the day is only £149.  Not only will you get right up to date with the latest First Aid procedures, but you’ll also pick up some great teaching tips that will enhance all of your courses regardless of the subject.

If you need to upgrade your EFR instructor materials, you can buy a “Start Up” pack with all of the latest materials at a special price of £130.00
Contact me for dates/more details

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