“It was sooo enlightening. I learned a lot about behaviourism and psychology And you guys just make it happen just as if you weren’t teaching anything..” – Fred, France


All diving is FUN. You need to have fun during your PADI IDC in Red Sea. Reef Oasis Beach Resort is a great place to learn how to become a PADI Instructor. There will be lots of laughter, and you’ll be learning loads at the same time. You’ll be learning how to give your future students the very best experience possible.

PADI IDC - Egypt
Where will the PADI IDC in Red Sea be held?

At the wonderful Reef Oasis Dive Club in Sharm el Sheikh!

It’s the perfect location to become a PADI Instructor. The air conditioned classroom is right outside the heated purpose built swimming pool. The jetty leads right onto the famous Temple dive site.


Who will be teaching me?

Award winning Platinum Course Director Steve Prior and his wife Janet. Together they make the perfect team to guide you towards your dreams. Steve has been a Platinum Course Director for over 18 years, and has taught many hundreds of people to become successful PADI Instructors. Steve holds regular workshops for experienced instructors to improve, he will pass on all of his secrets to you!
You’ll learn a lot of “life skills” that you can pass onto your students.
Your confidence levels will soar
You’ll have a lot of fun
Your communication skills will improve


The personal touch PADI IDC in Red Sea

Your PADI IDC in the Red Sea will be the most important diving course that you’ll ever take. It’s so important that it’s right for you. As soon as you sign up for the course Steve and Janet will help you with all aspects of your preparation via email. By the time comes, you’ll be fully prepared for your PADI IDC. We have NEVER had an unhappy customer!


8th February 2019PADI IDC in Red Sea

Instructor course program

We’ll start the program by learning about POSITIVE COACHING.  We’ll either review or teach the main aspects of the EFR Instructor course. It’s a fun way to start your PADI IDC and the teaching techniques will be used throughout the whole IDC.
You’ll soon form a bond with the other members of the course as you laugh and play. You’ll enjoy the interactive style of this course.
You’ll learn a lot about the psychology of how people learn and you’ll learn lots of fun techniques to help people understand. These same techniques will be used to make your scuba lessons very effective too.

PADI IDC in Red Sea  PADI IDC in Red Sea

This will be the most advanced PADI IDC in the world. You’ll learn a lot about how people learn! You’ll find out how to use psychology to make classroom lessons fun, interactive and memorable.
You’ll learn how to build rapport with your students, and you’ll learn how to inspire and motivate them.
In the pool you’ll discover that when you “Allow people to learn” it’s much more powerful than trying to teach them all the time!
This is so much fun and you’ll learn lots of “life skills” that you can use in everyday situations to improve your communication skills.

PADI Specialty Instructor Training

During your time in the Red Sea, you’ll discover how  people learn in Open Water. You’ll understand that allowing peoplePADI IDC in Red Sea to develop will be the most efficient methods. You’ll also learn how to transfer these techniques into Specialty Courses. You’ll have the opportunity to become a PADI Instructor in 5 specialties of your choice. You’ll then be able to teach specialty courses right from the start of your new life as a diving instructor.

19th and 20th February 2019

The PADI Instructor ExamPADI IDC in Red Sea

This are the days that you’ve been waiting for! These are the days that you’ll make that transition from PADI Divemaster to PADI Instructor.
You’ll find that you’re fully prepared for the exam and you might be a little surprised that you will enjoy the two days with your PADI Examiners! They are fun people and are excited to be part of your journey into the exciting world of being a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor!

Make sure that you’re fully prepared!PADI IDC in Red Sea

Distance Learning  Preparation Course

This is a very popular course! Over the past 10 years almost every single candidate has taken advantage of this program.
The reason why it’s so popular is because as soon as you sign up, we can start with the Distance Learning part of the course. We can start right now! I’ll send you a series of 10 mock exams. 5 theory and 5 standards. Each exam will have the same format and the same content to the exams that you’ll find on your final PADI Instructor Exam. One by one you can send me your Exam answer papers and I’ll give you lots of tips on how to improve.
I’ll also give advice on how to prepare for skills demonstrations and how to organise your laptop/tablet for your IDC.

Anything more?

You’ll need some materials. You’ll need an IDC Crew Pack.  You can buy one from any dive centre, but please make sure that you get the most up to date version! PADI have just updated the Open Water course and the new IDC Crew Packs have a lot of the new materials.
You’ll need a medical certificate signed by a medical doctor within the past 12 months. The certificate must state that you’re fit to dive and have no restrictions.
You’ll also need an EFR instructor manual, or an EFR pack if you are doing the EFR instructor course.
Please contact me if you have having problems finding a PADI IDC Crew Pack. If you live in the UK, I can arrange for PADI to send you a pack to your home address. Otherwise I can arrange for a pack to be waiting for you at the start of your course.
The prices above cover tuition, they do not cover accommodation, travel or food.
Costs: (all prices in Euros)
IDC  960
EFR Instructor 350
5  Instructor Specialties 559
IDC Staff Instructor 600
Staffing (for non Prior Knowledge Staff) 450
Staffing (for Prior Knowledge Staff) 99
PADI Fees and Applications will also apply.

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All PADI Prices mentioned on this page are included with the best intentions. However, they may not be correct. Please check for accurate prices with your PADI office.