Master Scuba Diver inspired by PADI IDC candidates

IDC was the turning point

PADI IDC, Emperor Divers April 2012 –  Keith, Mark and Caz with Steve & Janet Prior

You will remember that during your IDC we had an Open Water Diver in the classroom.  Katrina had been diving for a number of years, had made approx. 200 dives and had never taken any further diving courses because she didn’t want or need to.

You may also remember that after each of you had made a classroom teaching presentation, Katrina told you that it sounded absolutely brilliant and that she might even fancy doing the courses that you had spoken about?

Katrina's diving career blossomed

New passion for diving

Well, here we are just over a year on and I met Katrina down the beach at Shark’s Bay. She is delighted to tell me that she is now a Master Scuba Diver.  What’s more, during the PADI Fish ID specialty course Katrina became totally obsessed about fish identification and has taken her knowledge of the fish in Shark’s Bay to new levels. “To think,” she says, “a year ago, I didn’t know what a Tang was and now I know the Latin names of 82 of the species that are just off this beach.”

Katrina says thanks to us for letting her sit in on the PADI IDC, because it was in our classroom that she became enthused to try some more courses BUT, it was what each of you said during your classroom presentations about other diving courses that inspired her, YOU ignited a passion with just a few words and Katrina is SO thankful that you did.