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I have never had a complaint! – ever!

“If you are in two minds as to joining Steve in his next PADI IDC, I would just like to say that you will not be in better hands. I am now a PADI instructor thanks to Steve, Janet and his team. I have never witnessed someone as passionate as Steve about what he does. When he sat there and watched as the PADI Examiners congratulated his Candidates, the emotional expression on his face truly spelt out exactly what he puts into his IDCs. A very big thank you, I hope to aspire to being as dedicated as you in introducing students to the underwater world”

Darren, Nottingham

“Hi Steve and Janet, I just got my approval from PADI. I would like to thank you both for what you have done for me on this IDC. We all passed the PADI Instructor Exam, and the whole thing was done in a very simple nice and fun manner. I’m am so glad that I met you. I know that I made the right decision to do my IDC with you. Steve, you are Great! and Great is You! You and Janet are wonderful people, I trusted you blindly, and I found my trust in it’s plase. I have missed you so much as the others on the IDC. I really want to express my feeling toward this IDC. I cannot find better words to say what I mean. I wish you and Janet all the luck and success. Thank you and the Lovely Janet for everything that you have done for me”

Sami, Bahrain

“Steve and Janet How wonderful it has been to meet you! You are truly inspiring and passionate about your work and it has been a privilege to encounter your unique and wonderful teaching style as you delivered this course. Your teaching is dynamic and full of energy. It is also fun for your students. I feel very fortunate indeed to have witnessed this first hand and know that many others share my veiw completely. I can’t thank you enough for the whole experience. Guys, in a nutshell, your IDC is world class!”

Katrina, Sheffield

“Hi Steve and Jan, I’m still buzzing from the whole IDC/IE experience. It really was a life changing experience – I learnt things about myself, as well as how to go about teaching people. I would like to thank both of you for a very enjoyable couple of weeks – it was fun, and came away very inspired by the experience. I’m now looking forward to a successful career in the dive industry.”

Keith, Sheffield

“Hi. I waited 2 1/2 years to do my IDC with Steve and Janet and I’m so glad that I did. The Distance Learning preparation course made me feel so more relaxed about the course and allowed me to enjoy the experience so much more. There were no long days in the classroom, the de-briefs were done on the beach or sometimes at the ice cream parlour 🙂 The other candidates were fantastic and we bonded very quickly and supported each other. Steve and Janet, and the other IDC Staff (Tracy and Elise) were always there to help.. not only with course related information, but general help and advice too. We had a brilliant time, and some days I laughed until I couldn’t laugh any more. And all this whilst learning to be a PADI Instructor. The DSD workshop was my favourite time of all. The mock IE day was excellent and made the real IE much more pleasurable. For anyone that dreads classroom presentations like I did, please please please do NOT worry as the material that Steve uses on the course makes everything so so much easier, and you’ll be looking forward to your next presentation – you’ll find them so much fun. I know that you’re thinking that I’m mad, but please believe me it’s so true. Yes there are many places that you can do your IDC, but if you want to learn without even realising that you are being taught and have fun, then Steve and Janet are the “guys” for you”

Tracy, Edinburgh

“Steve and Jan -The last two weeks will live in my memory for a very, very long time. I have had the good fortune in my working life of spending time with many of the most famous trainers/educators/consultants (whose books you have proably read) but you leave them all in the shade! It truly has been a privilege. You have inspired me to be the best insrtructor I can be. So once again, thank you”

Tom, London

“Hi Steve and Jan – I Hope you are both well and recovering from your Egypt trip and the training you gave us! I really enjoyed the course and took in lots of information and techniques that will be used not only in diving and in training but in life. I would just like to say how much I appreciate the time and effort you both put in to get me from where I was as a none PADI diver with little or no knowledge of PADI methods, skills and standards to passing the course with such good marks, I am glad I did not let you down at the last hurdle the IE. I can assure you both I will endeavour to include your very high standards and ethos into my training sessions in the future wherever that may be. Thanks again for a brilliant course and your patience with me”

Paul, Leek

“Hi Steve and Jan – I thought I’d let the dust settle and get back to normal life, not sure what that is anymore, before e-mailing you my thanks. A huge thanks to both of you for a fantastic two weeks and for helping me get my PADI Instructor status. Those two weeks will be life changing and will be remembered for a very long time. Fantastic fun and a great result. I think that I have just about bored everyone I know with the tales/stories of my IDC. Thanks again”

David, Worthing

“Hi Steve – Thank you very much for the three days IDC Prep and EFR Instructor course. I really found it beneficial and got lots out of the time we spent. I was very impressed with your style of teaching and your enthusiasm. I am sure the course is going to be great – I am now looking forward to it more than ever”

Paul, Leek

“My days are now filled with fish and people – not computers!! Obviously I want to thank you both for teaching me how to teach people and for making me an instructor. And you even made me pass the PADI IE 🙂 I’m forever grateful for that. But you should know that you gave us so much more then that. Most importantly you gave us both some inspiration and belief that it’s possible to do what we dream of doing – to make a living out of teaching others to dive! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It’s been a great first week by the way! Our students wanted to do two days of daily diving with us after their course, and after that they were still not tired of us(!) so we upgraded two of them from scuba divers to open water, and the other two did advanced course. Tomorrow I will have my day off!! And on Saturday I will start my internship with Emperor. Looking forward to that a lot. Hope to see you both in Sharm again really soon and that we can continue our diving education with you! Hopefully you will find us both bright and shiny with a big smile and customers in both arms :)”

Mariann, Sharm

“Thanks! Grazie! Merci! Danke! Gracias! Sukran! Tesekkurler!!! ..For everything, dearest Steve and Janet. The IDC was really great, much much far beyond my expectations. And this not only for the fantastic achievement (nobody likes failures, including you..), but also for what I learnt from you and, above all, for knowing you!! I am sure we will keep in touch (please consider it as a promise, not a threat..) and, yes, I’d love to do some more diving/courses with you guys! Yeah!! Lots of love and thanks again. Ciaooo”

Fabio (a.k.a. Mario), Rome

“Once again huge thanks for all your help and expertise on the Divemaster physics course. What a BRILLIANT way of teaching, I truly think you are genius! 3 days after doing the course with you I took the exam and passed with flying colours!

You have helped me achieve what I honestly thought was impossible. You gave me the confidence and the tools with which to do it and if I can do it then anyone can! I cant recommend the course highly enough. In fact I would go as far as saying that any divemaster or instructor, including the ones who don’t have a problem with physics would benefit greatly from your course. Why complicate things when doing it the Steve Prior way makes it so easy and simple!!! ( and dare I say it fun!)

Many thanks also for your support on the phone after the course, helping me with those few extra questions that I had. It put my mind at rest and gave me the confidence that I needed to take the exam so quickly.

You are an absolute genius and I cant thank you enough!”

Julia (no longer the worlds worst at physics! Ha ha!), Herts

“Thanks very much for the IDC Staff Instructor course. It was very worthwhile from my point of view as almost all of the teaching and assessment approach is directly transferable to the TecRec courses – I wish I’d done this course before the DSAT instructuctor course. I suspect that you are right when you said that there must be a marketing opportunity in there somewhere for you. I know Paul also enjoyed the course with the icing on the cake being how good I made him look – it took a lot of effort on my part! Once again many thanks and also a special thanks to Janet for the lunches – wouldn’t have made it otherwise!”

Robert, London

“I would like to than you for the IDC Staff Course. It provided exactly what Rob and I were looking for, in addition to another step up the instructor ladder. I am sure it will be extremely valuable for our technical instruction, and indeed my recreational instruction. You made it good fun, therefore it was a pleasure to attend.

I now understand that the PADI provide a highly versatile teaching system that can be applied in many different ways, to great affect. My favourite part of the course was giving presentations without any notes or crib sheets, with the exception of the performance criteria, and still scoring 5’s!”

Paul, London

“Hi Steve, Completing my PADI Divemaster course with you this week, I have had the best week that I’ve had in a very long time this week. Thank you so much. I have been on courses, teaching courses..sailing and all sorts when I was at school but have never been on a course so well organised and so well explained ever before. I feel privileged to have been able to do the course with you and I am actually so excited to carry on within the diving industry. It is a dream of mine to become a Staff instructor one day and along the way help to show people just what amazing fun and what a wonderful opportunity diving really is. I thoroughly enjoyed every day of the course. Massive thank you to Janet for such wonderful food and just being so lovely throughout the week”

Phyllis, Rushden

“I recently attended a PADI IDC with Steve Prior from Prior Knowledge. The preparation to the course was outstanding. By the time I started the course I was well prepared. As the IDC went on Steve Prior conducted an amazingly excellent course. The structure was great and the delivery was second to none. By the time I had finished the IDC I knew I was in the best condition possible for me to tackle the PADI IE.
On the day of the IE, it soon became apparent that we very well prepared, I was thrilled when all of Steve’s group passed with flying colours, I was so proud of us and indeed Steve”

Simon, Swindon

“Thank you so much for todays EFRI course. EFRI aside, I learnt loads from you today and cannae wait to be signing my next Instructor Application form with you both.”

Tracy, Glenrothes

“I would like to thank both you and Janet for the relaxed and humorous way in which my PADI IDC was conducted, I agree totally with Colin (below) and although I waited two weeks before taking my IE I passed!!, This was due mainly to your continuing support after my IDC”

John, London

“Hi Steve, Just to let you know my IDC course is going well although alot of info to digest. My course instructor is very different in approaching the material than you were during the Divemaster course and it makes me realise how lucky I was to have your guidance and teaching. In hindsight I should have waited for your IDC in Sharm! I understand now the true value of teaching and how you can make something easy to understand or unbelieveably complicated. I would be a complete mess if I hadn’t done the PADI Divemaster course and mental prep with you. Sincerely”

Richard, Florida

“A very big thank you, I have really enjoyed the PADI IDC Staff Instructor Training course and gained very much out of it, all of which I know I will put to good use and both I and my students will benefit from both now and in the future. Your warm hospitality is fully appreciated too. It was lovely to spend the time with you both and I hope to see you again soon”

Kirstie, Billericay

“Just a few lines to thank you for a most enjoyable and informative EFR Instructor course. I have to agree with Andy in that your teaching style is both novel and refreashingly easy to adopt..I will stay in touch and if the need arises, would have no hesitation of availing myself of your services again. Thanks again”

Rob, Tendering

“Many, many thanks for the time and effort you put into my PADI Instructor Training, there is no doubt that the commitment and enthusiasm you put into your courses has made it the most rewarding I have ever completed. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the PADI IDC (and believe it or not) the IE as well!! I now look forward to teaching some students of my own, hopefully they will get the same enjoyment out of my courses as I have out of yours. Thanks again”

Colin, Chelmsford

“Your teaching method was sound because I learnt so much. Now all I have to worry about is other exams! Physics is easy! :). And of course Robert and Jacqui, I’ve met some amazing people and I guess it’s thanks to you and Janet!”

Bobby, Worthing

“I just wanted to say a very BIG THANK YOU to you both for the most enjoyable courses I have ever been on. I have learnt so much from you both on the PADI Staff Instructor training course, EFR Instructor and your Physics course (and yes as everyone else has said. I can’t believe Physics is so easy!). I am looking forward to spending more time with you on future IDC’s and some Specialty courses too.You are both amazing people, so warm and friendly and amazing Teachers. I fell extremely lucky to have met you both and had the privilege to have learn from you. I love your Philosophy of Teach People Not Courses and am looking forward to putting into practice what I have learnt from you! I am looking forward to seeing you again soon and Diving with you both. Thanks again for everything”

Jacqui, Epsom

“Can I say a few thanks to Graeme at Ocean View and Steve and Janet Prior for tonight’s Discover Instructor evening. Apart from being good fun and getting wet, we all got a lot out of it and also got a real insight to what would be required in a PADI IDC and what it takes to become a PADI Instructor. It certainly felt different to demonstrate skills in the pool to a class and get scored by a PADI Course Director”

Matt, Worthing

“I second everything Matt says. I found the Discover Instructor evening a real confidence booster and think everyone who attended took something positive away from the experience”

Dan, Worthing

“I have to say your Physics formulas helped me no end, it all made sense! Amazing, I can’t believe I now understand Physics, so a big THANK YOU to you and Jan for all your help”

Andrea, Somerset

“You guys gave us everything during the whole IDC and IE. Lovely couple and lovely support… I will highly recommend everybody to join you two”

Sanne, Denmark

“Kevin and LB wrote (below) exactly what I felt and how I experienced the whole PADI Instructor Training course. It was not only a course about diving and IDC, but really a life changing experience. If you ever give workshops about life, sign me in ! You both are very inspiring”

Suus, Holland

“A HUGE thank you to you and Jan for everything you’ve done for me and Rich from the fantastic Prep course (and I do LOVE physics now!), to the IDC and the IE in Sharm, to the Specialty Instructor training course at the weekend. We’ve had a fantastic time with you guys and your teaching methods are second to none. Your overwhelming support & positively during the IDC/IE was fantastic. We couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Your enthusiasm for teaching people and your ability to open people’s eyes to alternatives is just amazing and the proof is in the pudding. We’re now OWSI’s, EFRI’s and so confident about teaching, I can’t wait to start on the physics with a Dive Master or open the UK ‘s eyes to Specialty courses!! I’m going to do it “The Prior Way”!!! Thanks so much”

LB, Thames Ditton

“At 56 embarking on an IDC, EFR Instructor and IE seemed no easy task. Despite having taught in one guise or another for the last 35 years, exams and teaching presentations still makes me nervous; it’s that age thing I think; the older you get the more you worry about even the least important things. Needless to say Steve and Janet did their utmost to help me through. In the six months leading up to the PADI Instructor training course, Steve responded to any question or concern, practice exams were marked, reviewed and returned virtually immediately. Emails encouraged a great rapport between us candidates, developing a strong team spirit of Three Musketeers proportions. This I quickly realised is the backbone for successful instructing.

The course was fantastic building classroom and in-water teaching skills to a high level producing 5’s for our whole team with confined water marks in the 4’s! Janet’s workshops are amazing and I have christened her Aqua Marina- (if you are under 40 check out UTube) she really is good and when you come to actually teaching your first student you will reap the benefits. Preparation for the IE was second to none. We had a tough examiner but Steve’s bullet proof lesson plans saw us through. The two and a half weeks at Emperor Divers with the Prior’s were probably the hardest in my life and I could write a book about what I have done. We laughed till we fell of our chairs, cried together, had tantrums, bolstered sagging confidences and ate chocolate until it came out of our ears. It was tough but fun we even went for a leisure dive together. Best of all we all succeeded.

Emperor Divers facilities are excellent and Duncan the Centre Manager together with his team ensured we had everything we needed in the right place at the right time.

It was not just a PADI IDC but a life changing experience. I know it sounds corny but in a nutshell why do it with the rest when you can do it with the best. PADI thinks he’s the Yule Man (Father Christmas) of Course Directors and what recommendation could come stronger than that!

I wish I could have stayed for the Specialties. Thanks Steve and Jan”

Kevin, Jersey

“Thank you for you warmth and hospitality today. Who would of thought I would come home after a day of physics – wanting more !!! My fear of that nasty monster named ‘Physics’ has all gone. Physics is fun and dare I say ‘easy’. That may not be a sentence that most people would put together but after a day with you and Jan that is just what Physics is, ‘ fun and easy’!!

Once again many many thanks”

Ruth, Essex

“Thank you both very much for the time we spent with you completing my Status Update and our EFR Instructor courses. I certainly feel that your enthusiasm and methods have rubbed off on us and I am very excited about starting teaching again and starting this ‘new chapter’ of my PADI career!”

Martin, Glasgow

“About the PADI Instructor training course I have the warmest memories! It is my dream to be an instructor, because I want to introduce people to diving, teach them to discover the beauty of the marine life. Emperor is the best diving center with great organisation and facilities. My PADI IDC was fantastic! And I will never forget it! Thank you so much for everything!”

Yasser, Sharm El Sheikh

“When I was considering where to take my PADI IDC, the word around Sharm was that I would probably pass the PADI Instructors’ Exam regardless of which Course Director I took the Instructor training with. However, I heard that if I did the PADI IDC with Steve Prior, I would learn a lot more valuable information that would be useful, for teaching in the real world, after the exam. This is why I decided to take the PADI Instructor training course with Steve and I made the right decision.”

Ramy, Sharm El Sheikh

“The PADI IDC course was important to me as it really was a life changing experience. I was tested as a person because it is a tough course but I achieved more than I thought would be possible. The support I received (and hopefully gave) to the other members of the team really helped me through!

The way the course was run and the teaching methods used really helped me to achieve my potential! I’m looking forward to becoming the Dive Instructor who others will admire and want to emulate”

Peter, Huddersfield

“Hey Steve, Jan, Big thanks for today and the IDC/IE an unforgettable experience. Thanks for your help, friendship and guidance. I feel I have the foundations to become a good Instructor. Actually, to put it in your words Steve ( A BLOODY GREAT Instructor ha ha). Cheers guys”

Tim, London

“Feb 09 PADI IDC-‘A cherished memory that will never be forgotten’ “Firstly, I can truly say that I hit Gold with my Course Director. I learnt more than I ever imagined I could, my brain became a sponge taking on vital techniques on how to pass on and teach this wonderful and fun sport of ours that we all share. In doing so we not only learnt a lot but had so much fun on the way. Not once did I feel like I was at school needing to impress or be careful of my every move.

The surroundings, people and attitudes where so chilled and calming. The staff at Emperor where always very friendly and timely, which all helped towards making my experience more personal and exciting. For me this PADI Instructor training course was extremely important as now I can return to the Seychelles and pass on my passion for diving in a much more knowledgeable way…..and a passion instilled in all the right ways. I thank you all for the hard work, effort and care that was put into this for all of us”

Tamara, Seychelles

“For me, what made the PADI Instructor training course so successful was the perfect learning environment that Steve created. He encouraged us to email each other before the PADI IDC started so from day 1 we were all laughing, joking, teasing each other and generally all feeling very relaxed. I know that I learn best when I’m relaxed and having fun.”

Dawn, Sharm El Sheikh

“I’m happy that I’ve done this course with you. It opened new ways for teaching people and I now have new views on diving in general, teaching and my career. You are the best!!!”

Elena, St.Petersburg

“I just wanted to say a huge BIG thank you to you both for getting me through. It was a fantastic experience from start to finish!!!”

Laura, Norwich

“Thanks, I didn’t think I could do it, but you gave me the confidence and you believed in me. You don’t know how glad I am that I found you both”

Lynne, Hereford

“I especially liked a lot of the psychology that was discussed and observing how you used it yourselves during our time with you. The group was fantastic as well, and it helped we all got on so well, and hopefully we will also stay in touch”

Iain, Bournemouth

“Hoorah! For the first time in my life physics is easy!! Whenever I do a course with Steve and Janet I am surprised how enthusiastic I become. I get re-charged every time! This time was to learn different techniques to understand physics. I would recommend this course to anyone, regardless of current level of qualification. Physics exams hold no fear for me anymore.Thanks Steve”

Mel, Essex

“The other day, I spent a couple of hours with an old friend – Steve Prior. (Old? – careful Gary !) He told me that he had found a way of teaching physics that was quick, easy and simple. Some chance I thought! However, after a couple of hours, I was astounded to find that at last I understood, and with the minimum of fuss. The thing that amazed me most was the simplicity of it all. For years I have had so many formulas buzzing around my head, but with Steve’s method I answered a 20 question PADI theory exam in just a couple of minutes, only using the calculator to check what I already knew. Amazing!”

Gary, Essex

“If anyone has any problems out there with diving physics, please do Steve’s course, you wont regret it and trust me, if they can help me they can help anyone! Someone once said to me you can do things the hard way or the easy way, Steve showed me the easy way”

Thanks again. Ken, Chelmsford

“I can’t say how patient Steve and Janet were with me. They took me through everything to do with physics and after a day of re- programing my head, I cracked it”

John, Nottingham

“I can’t tell you how much I’m buzzing from the EFR Instructor course. I now have NO doubts what so ever about me being able to teach people. I also have a real fire and urgency to get on with my PADI IDC and get teaching, I can’t wait until April 2009.

Both yourself and Janet make an awesome team and are the most positive and inspiring people I have ever met and I really do mean it. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to you both, I feel amazing and can’t wait to teach people and pass on this enthusiasm and positivity, it’s infectious and everyone I think owes it to themselves to experience a course with Steve & Janet Prior”

Darren, Paignton

“Thank you very much for yesterday’s EFR Instructor Course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and gained no end of knowledge from it. I think I can safely say that I will do the PADI Instructor Development Course with you in April”

Linda, Suffolk

“Many thanks once again for an excellent course, in case you didn’t believe me earlier you truly are the first instructor to not only meet but exceed my expectations. I am deeply, deeply impressed with your thorough knowledge of the PADI system, phenomenal delivery, and highly effective teaching structure and tips. Participating in your Instructor training course has moved my teaching on to another level of which the benefits to me and my future students are immeasurable”

Geoff, Brighton

“I just wanted to say a very big heartfelt thank you for my PADI IDC Staff Instructor training course over the last three days. I found the course to be beyond doubt, the most enjoyable PADI Course I have completed to date. I feel I have gained many new skills and tips which will go on to benefit the people I teach to dive. Both yourself and Janet are the true definition of the word professional. I did not want to complete my IDC Staff Instructor training with any other Course Director and not only was my decision correct but, my expectations were not only fully met but well and truly surpassed, you have a fabulous reputation amongst Instructors and I can only add that the reality is truly better than the press. I consider myself honored to have been taught by Steve and Janet Prior and to have begun my journey on the road to Prior Knowledge. The PADI IDC Staff Instructor course with Steve Prior has given me renewed impetus, fresh ideas, new skills and tools which I cannot wait to put into practice to further enhance the course I deliver to my students. I would like to also add a huge thank you for helping me to realise my dream of becoming a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. Kindest Regards always Many Many Thanks”

Steve, Romford

“If you have ever thought about doing a PADI IDC, but have been put off by horror-stories of being made to stay up till 11pm before doing homework overnight, and of Hitler-style Course Directors who believe that they’ve somehow failed if they don’t make you break down and cry by the end of the course, then put your fears to rest. Steve and Janet made the PADI IDC one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in my diving career. Their specially-designed Prior Knowledge materials made all elements of the instructor training course easy to understand and mimic, and really came into their own when you compared yourself to other candidates on the PADI IE. I felt so much better-prepared and ‘professional than some of the other candidates, to the point that I actually enjoyed the exams!!

If, like me, you’re crossing over from another agency, then the 2-day IDC prep course is something I would heartily recommend, as it gives you confidence in what you’ll be doing on the PADI IDC without wasting valuable time. This resulted in us being able to spend time enjoying ourselves and completing other things, like EFR Instructor. If you want to be just another average diving instructor, then just do a PADI IDC with anyone. If you want to be a great instructor, and enjoy the experience of completing a PADI IDC and IE, then look no further – Prior Knowledge is the way forward!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Gareth, Cardiff

“I can’t thank you & Janet enough for all you help& support over the last couple of weeks with Paul & Joe, elephants, radiators, etc.! What a brilliant learning experience. I will definately be in touch about some more Instructor training courses in the future”

Glen, Rushden

“IDC… IE… Acronyms that have the ability to cast fear into potential would be instructors! So laughter, empowerment and sheer brilliant enjoyment were definitely not words that I would have associated with the IDC or IE.

From Janet’s superb administrative organisation ensuring all paperwork stresses were removed, her continued ‘arm to lean on’ or Steve’s amazing toolbox of coping methods ensuring success at those subjects that you initially doubted were possible to learn; Steve and Janet Prior have designed and developed an outstanding program that from the get go have you focused and working as a team with your fellow candidates. These methods ensure you are completely prepared to enjoy the IE! I have found this whole experience one of the best in my life and will always remember the feeling of compete elation of passing my IE! All I can say is thank you, and if I could do it all again I would!”

Anna, Hove Actually

“I just wanted to thank you both for an excellent course and a good last couple of days. Despite it being freezing cold, me and Phil found the PADI Divemaster course great fun and like you said a good learning curve. Thanks to you both too for fitting us into your busy schedule. We REALLY appreciate that too and thanks VERY much for that as I believe you have saved our bacon certifying us before we leave for Aus. Once again thank you both for a great educational and fun PADI Divemaster course!”

Rob, Bedford

“Prior Knowledge ROCKS”

Cenk, Istanbul

“The PADI Instructor Development Course (PADI IDC) went from something I really was not looking forward to doing, to something I would gladly do again. You turned pain into pleasure. Heartfelt thanks to you both”

Pippa, Somerset

“Congratulations! Based on your Instructor Development Course and Instructor Level continuing education productivity, you’ve achieved the Platinum Course Director level for 2008. By doing so you’ve become one of less than 65 Course Directors worldwide to earn this level of recognition in the Frequent Trainer Program”

Fiona Fishburne, PADI

“I had a great time on the PADI IDC and PADI IE, I really enjoyed it and had a great laugh too. Thanks for everything that you and Jan did for us all to make the Instructor training Course such a good experience, without your help and support I don’t think we would of all done so well. The “Prior Knowledge” materials made things so easy, some of the other candidate’s briefings were terrible and went on and on. Don’t forget Specialty instructor training for me next year!”

Paul, The Wirral

“Terry, Mike and I were back in the water at Stoney Cove today (Sunday), we were still congratulating each other and needing new dry suits as we have all grown a couple of inches over the last 2 weeks !!! You and Janet surpassed your slogan, “Don’t Teach Courses – Teach People”; leading my nervousness to confidence to achieve my goal of becoming a PADI OWSI and wetting my appetite to achieve more. Along the way I learnt little pointers from you both, that I will pass on to my future students.

The 2 day IDC Prep Course you took me through was fantastic, the proof being that I passed straight through the PADI Instructors Exam with no make ups!! You are now ‘my Course Director’ and mentor, when asked by future potential Instructors yours is the only number we need!! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart”

John, Nottingham

“I really have got to say that after seeing how some of the other candidates came prepared for the PADI Instructors Exam it really struck home how well you had prepared us. You made it seem easy and enjoyable. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Carl, Mansfield

“I cannot thank you enough for the last couple of weeks. Not only has it been educational but it’s been great fun. PADI Course Director Steve Prior uses his deceptively relaxed style to guide you through the PADI Instructor Development Course and then PADI Instructor Exam. Not only does he prepare you to pass the PADI Instructor Exam with flying colours (only when you see other candidates perform do you realise how well he prepares you) but he instills in you an enthusiasm for teaching diving that makes any other job look mundane. His ideas regarding retail, dive clubs and continuing education open your eyes to a whole range of possibilities. I can’t believe I’ll actually miss sitting in a classroom. A huge thanks to both Steve and Janet”

Mike, Matlock

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for a great PADI IDC. It has really helped to build my confidence. I now want to get my PADI Specialty Instructor ratings asap”

Laura, Stansted

“Thanks for such an enjoyable PADI IDC Staff Instructor course, I know I get so much more than just the course when I’m with both you and Janet. You both put so much enthusiasm into teaching that it makes being the pupil the easy part, so much so that I wouldn’t consider learning with anyone else”

Kirsty, Southampton

“Hi Janet and Steve, Just to say thanks for a great and interesting PADI IDC Staff Instructor course as I learnt loads and really enjoyed being taught by you. I applied some of the teachings to my open water group on the Saturday and Sunday after your course and had one of the best courses I have ever taught. It was great fun”

Paul, Sussex

“Thanks very much Steve for all your help in preparing me to pass the PADI Instructors Exam. I would like to say that I think that you are a terrific person and have a great teaching style”

Jordan, Manchester

“Just a quick mail to say thanks from us all, without doubt, compared to others who didn’t have “Prior Knowledge” the PADI Instructors Exam went like clockwork. Your words rang so true about “sticking to the script” when all around you could see the dread on the examiners face when they had a candidate who wasn’t one of yours! Bob, Colin & I would like to send a “thank you” to you both”

Chris, Southampton

“Thank you for all your help, support and kindness over the PADI IDC and PADI IE. I had always wanted to do this with YOU guys, I’m glad I waited. Without your wisdom, guidance and unswerving support; today (passing the PADI Instructors Exam) would NOT have happened. One sentence, one truth, one massive deep-felt THANK YOU”

Alison, Saffron Waldon

“I just wanted to say how MUCH I enjoyed the PADI IDC with you both. I have had some great fun and learnt a lot and I am ready to hit the Instructors Exam. I keep looking at the photo’s that were taken during the IDC and you know what, I look at them and it was like having a really fantastic holiday and now it’s back to the norm, going to work etc etc etc!!! I would also like to say that you and Janet are a great team and I know if I had of gone somewhere else I would have missed out”

Peter, Wickford

“Thank you for making the PADI IDC Staff course so enjoyable last week. It was nice to be involved with two very professional people able to be serious and also add in some humour on the way”

Janine, Macclesfield

“Thank you both so much for all your help and support on the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC), which I know will be ongoing and I really appreciate that greatly”

Sarah, Letchworth

“Thank you and Janet again in for the fantastic PADI IDC course which gave me the “Prior Knowledge” to succeed in my PADI Instructor examinations. Without both your support and commitment to all your students success I do not believe that we would have got through as well as we did. Once again thank you both”

Colin, Southampton

“The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) with Course Director Steve Prior & his wife Janet had to be the most relaxed & informative diving course I have ever attended. It didn’t once feel like they were teaching a course, but us, the people on it. All my unfounded fears of the PADI Instructor Exam (IE) have now gone & I am actually looking forward to it. I now know that I am as prepared as I could possibly be, thanks to “Prior Knowledge”. What are you waiting for?”

Chris, Southampton

“Anyone thinking of completing a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) can do no better than have Course Director Steve Prior and his glamorous assistant Janet as their instructors. Steve and Janet’s knowledge and skill are very evident from the word go. There are no lectures or being talked at. Steve Prior has a very cunning way of getting you to teach yourself, filling in any gaps as you go along. The thing which surprised me most was that there was no stress or rushing about and it was great fun! If there is a better course, I think I would still find Steve and Janet Prior teaching it”

Bob, Southampton

“I think that all who have the pleasure to meet you both, have the privilege of meeting both a friendly and knowledgeable couple whose mission in life is to share a love that they have and an ambition to pass this love on to as many people as they possibly can. You both have the ability to make someone feel like they have known you for years and feel instantly comfortable, so again thank you it was a pleasure to train with you.It was a fantastic Instructor Development Course (IDC)”

Nick, Stoke

“Thanks to both of you for the fantastic support during the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and the PADI Instructor Exam (IE)”

Mike, Chesterfield

“Thanks again for all your help on the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC), especially helping to install a little bit of self belief”

Simon, London

“PADI Course Director Steve Prior is an excellent teacher, an outstanding mentor and has also become a great friend. All PADI professionals should aspire to have the attributes which make Steve Prior such a first rate Course Director”

Joe, Northampton

“You have a choice when you do your PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC). You can choose to go elsewhere and maybe do alright or you can choose to learn from PADI Course Director Steve Prior. You will feel the passion and commitment. You will have fun and be submerged in excellence and at the end of it all you will attend the PADI Instructor Exam (IE) with confidence and the knowledge that you are as best prepared as you ever could be”

Brian, Stockport

“My PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) was the best and most rewarding course I have done in diving, taught by Steve Prior, a PADI Course Director who really inspired and prepared you to teach.”

Steve, Congleton

“I have to admit that I was a little sceptical before starting my PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC). I had already completed my AI where the ‘famous PADI Course Director Steve Prior’ had been held in nothing short of reverential tones by the AI instructors. How can one man (a lowly PADI Course Director at that) be so well liked by so many ? I mused.

Having completed the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) with Steve and Janet Prior I can honestly say that I am a full-on believer in the ‘Prior Strategy’ – both Steve and Janet are great educators, hugely knowledgeable and experienced… Which makes it all the more galling when you realise they are also thoroughly nice people to boot!

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) itself never had a dull moment, I still find myself thinking about kit-kat patches, dogs on blankets, caravans squashed by elephants and the power of stato… (ask Steve if you need an explanation).

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) ran so smoothly, I never noticed the transition from course-attendee to PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) candidate, but it happened.. On the fateful day in Lancashire at the PADI Instructor Exam (IE) I wasn’t scared (sweaty palms maybe) but it all seemed pre-ordained, a simple matter of a couple of exam questions, a short presentation and bit of bobbing in the swimming pool. Had it not been for Steve’s method I think it would have been a whole lot more of a painful experience. Certainly watching the other candidates who weren’t under Steve Prior’s tutelage and the reciprocal pained and bored expressions on the examiners faces would seem to bear out that observation.

In summary, I think I should state that the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) I attended run by Steve and Janet Prior was one of, if not the, best training courses I have ever attended”

Jason, Buxton

“There are people I have met in this business that love their job so much, that their passion transmits to others and becomes infectious. For the record the other people that have inspired me are Steve Prior (PADI Course Director) and Jane Stevens (Adventures in Diving, UK) Here are people that have a true love of their job, that is an amazing thing to behold”

James, Phuket

“After spending time with PADI Course Director Steve Prior for my Assistant Instructor course I found that his way of teaching was so infectious that I was only too happy to stay for the full PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC). Resulting in one very happy person at the PADI Instructor Exam (IE)”

Stewart, Stockport

“Quite simply, PADI Course Director Steve Prior and his wife Janet are amongst the most professional tutors I have had the pleasure of learning from! Steve uses techniques that allow you to understand some of the more challenging aspects of dive theory and law. He teaches subjects in a way that remains fun whilst you learn and that you will remember long after the training course has ended.

Both Steve and Janet Prior encourage high standards and bring out the best in any student. Good luck Steve and Janet, you will make a positive difference to any student that has the pleasure of studying with you!”

John, Northampton